You know how Tom Cruise had a bat that helped him think better in A Few Good Men? Well I have one too. When I brainstorm, my hands need to be busy, and the bat somehow always ended up within arm’s reach. I’m not sure how it first made it into my room or office, but once it did I couldn’t write without it. It is a relatively old thing, having made it all the way through high school ball. It still has the original tape on it.

Among other things, I describe myself as an “expert air-guitarist.” That’s only partially true. When I’m jamming out, I never actually use nothing… I use the good ol’ Rawlings.

Seriously, it makes a great pretend guitar.

Anyway, whether it’s air-bat-guitaring, taking practice swings, or simply waving the thing around, it has turned into an excellent form of stress relief. So I thought that this blog was a great place to get out all the crazy ideas in my head, brainstorm and relieve stress (verbally). That’s what the bat does.

The Blog


I take an imaginative approach to business. This blog is an extension of that. I can’t say I have seen or experienced everything in the professional realm, but I feel as though I have the credentials to put some occasional thoughts down on behalf of Generation Y.

My intellectual curiosity drives an entrepreneurial spirit, and right now I am limitlessly exploring both. But I do it with an open-minded creativity that is difficult to find in business, at least so far as I see it.

Throughout the course of my MBA, I realized that everything I was learning was based in analytics, statistics, formulas, quantifying measures, etc. After all, that’s the way business programs are designed, and that’s the way business professors know how to teach.

So towards the end I began to think a little differently. When someone asks me what I have learned throughout school and my professional life, I won’t point at a book. I will tell them that I learned to question things. I will say that I now know it’s not about the time value of money, discounted cash flows or the statistical valuation of a company. It’s about taking chances, intuition and – most importantly – hard work.

I look at the business school and corporate culture as a box. Not that that’s bad, but I need to always attempt to think beyond that. I have learned how to take what I needed from within the box, and combine it with my risk-taking, intuitive, creative ideas from outside of the box.

So here we go. This is the new class. The new Matt Williams School of Business. Scratch that…

The Matt Williams Art of Industry Less Restricted.

This is about business-savvy out-of-the-box thinking, questioning status quo and being successful at it.


“Writing about music is like dancing about architecture.”
– Martin Mull, Humorist

But here I go…

An imaginative approach to business includes finding an escape from the everyday rat race. For me, it’s music. Sure, I work a little in the industry and have a small Music Business educational background, so it is work and play. But music is something I am very passionate about. My passion for music stems from the way songs move us. Songs have the ability to take someone out of reality and into a completely different dimension. Live music especially puts people in the moment, which makes it one of the best things in the world. Upon moving to Music City, I realized that this was where I needed to be in order to experience this phenomenon as often as possible.

So each week I like to write about music. It could be to bring people (including myself) a break from the ordinary day-to-day, or it could somehow relate to business. Either way, its to enjoy a moment each week and not think about the stresses of business.

Musicians Corner

“Musicians Corner is destined to become one of Nashville’s favorite entertainment sites.”
– Karl Dean, Mayor of Nashville

I have been brought on as the Marketing & Branding Director for Musicians Corner. As such, I love writing about the event each week. It is truly a great event for everyone to enjoy, and I hope to do my part to bring it to as many music lovers as possible.

Musicians Corner is a central point, free and open to all, where Music City gathers to perform and enjoy its music. Music in all forms. Music to entertain us, build bridges within our community, welcome our visitors and connect us with the world.

Nashville has long been recognized as a mecca for nimble pickers, sharp-eyed storytellers and big-voiced dreamers; but many will attest that it isn’t just the talent and vision of Music City artists that makes the town so unique – it’s Nashville’s sense of community. Inspired by “Speakers Corner” in London and Nashville’s hunger for free outdoor summer music programming, the 2011 season promises to be entertaining and compelling, as each week musical performers and special guests illustrate the diversity, passion, and fellowship of Music City. Local charity partners, local food vendors, and eco-friendly proponents will augment the pastiche of musical performances to create a community gathering space in Centennial Park.