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Fantastic Lineup and Surprise Flash Mob Excite at Musicians Corner

Carter's Chord

A near-perfect day played host to hundreds in Centennial Park on Saturday. With the TACA Craft Fair right next door, a flood of people swarmed to see this week’s stellar performances.

Buffalo Clover started things off. These guys had a unique yet memorable sound, mixing influences from Americana, pop, folk and bluegrass. Lead singer Margo Price has a wonderful tone, backed by a talented band providing intermittent harmonies. They have just released a vinyl album entitled Low Down Time, which they sampled several songs from.

The first acoustic stage act of the day was the beautiful songstress Carly Pearce. Carly’s voice is sweet but powerful with her country background shining through. In just three solo acoustic songs, Carly had the crowd in wonderment.

The second main stage act was California duo Pawnshop Kings. The two brothers mix melodic tones to produce sounds that mix pop, rock and soul. They entertained the crowd with stories and music that truly spoke to everyone.

After Pawnshop Kings left the stage, there was a brief pause before current pop smash Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO started blaring over the speakers. A couple spontaneous dance moves from crowd members had several people curious. Dancers kept coming from every direction, eventually forming a very large dance party front-and-center in the lawn. Then, as the music picked up, they all broke into a choreographed dance… that’s right: a flash mob at Musicians Corner.

The flash mob was to promote Nashville Sideshow’s Fringe Festival, a progressive performing arts event, taking place from September 29 to October 2. Another exciting first for Musicians Corner.

Wondering how to adequately follow a flash mob, Jared Crump took the acoustic stage. Jared describes himself as if “Jason Mraz, Kenny Chesney, John Mayer, and a steel guitar had a baby.” Although that’s difficult to imagine, Jared’s smooth vocals, guitar riffs and country roots certainly combine to make something wonderful.

The Coolin’ System took the main stage next. Primarily instrumental, the band features a horn section and two percussionists, as well as several other instruments to provide a contemporary big band swing sound. After bringing up a soulful James Brown-like vocalist at the end, The Coolin’ System was a definite crowd-pleaser. Much of the audience was on its feet, and Rico even had a couple dance partners.

Elliot Collett was the final acoustic act of the day. Taking the stage with two other members of his band The Articles, Collett combined alternative country stylings with Americana sounds and a pop sensibility. The music was a great way to set the mood for fall, and get the crowd ready for the headliners.

After this was the always-popular Dog of the Day. This week’s winner was the beautiful pure bread standard poodle named Hershey. Not only did Hershey get to open up for Carter’s Chord, he also managed a stage dive, jumping off the Musicians Corner five-foot stage onto the lawn! (He was just fine.

The headliners of the day generated an outstanding response. Carter’s Chord is a sister trio, quickly gaining notoriety in the Nashville country scene. Signed to Toby Keith’s Show Dog Universal Records, these three gave a standout acoustic performance with beautiful harmonies and incredible instrumentation. They also happen to be World Vision artists, collaborating with one of Musicians Corner’s biggest sponsors. After their set, the girls stuck around to speak with the fans that stayed through the rain and even signed autographs. Musicians Corner was truly pleased to have these three grace their stage.

Musicians Corner is a non-profit program of The Conservancy for the Parthenon & Centennial Park. The fall season of Musicians Corner runs on Saturdays through November 5 and promises more great artists and special guests. For additional information and the fall schedule please visit


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Eclectic Mix of Music Attracts an Enthusiastic Crowd at Musicians Corner

Pat McLaughlin

As the crowd trickled in from the Vanderbilt game across street, Musicians Corner kicked another week of its fall season. An eclectic offering of music this week had the Centennial Park crowd enthralled and entertained, despite the lack of parking. With the game and Dog Days in the Park right next door, fans may have had to walk, but they were not deterred.

Leading off the day was SPELLS, performing their inaugural show at Musicians Corner. A riveting combination of electronic, punk and pop, SPELLS performed songs from their album Escapist, a thematic compilation about breaking out of the status quo. If this first show is any indication, we should be hearing from SPELLS long into the future.

Following SPELLS was Audrey Spillman on the acoustic stage. Her voice is powerful yet pleasant, with a style all her own. She played the ukulele accompanied by a Cajon drum and a guitar for a very soulful, acoustic, folksy sound. After her performance, several members of the crowd were asking about where they could hear more of Audrey.

The next act drew a lot of excitement and interest from Musicians Corner patrons. The DanBerrys combine elements of several genres, add in a banjo and mandolin for a bluegrass feel and end up with music that everyone was clapping along to. And when the banjo and mandolin broke down into solos and battles, one could not help but turn to the closest person and declare, “This is awesome!”

Hannah Miller was the second act on the acoustic stage. Accompanied by her husband, her voice was soft and sweet. They complimented each other very nicely, although at one point Hannah admitted, “We’ve been married nine years and I only now wrote a love song for him.” She has worked with many acclaimed producers, and had her song Keep It Simple licensed for the Show “Mercy,” proving that Hannah is certainly one of Nashville’s bright young stars.

Fresh of off another hot Lady Antebellum release, Nashville producer Paul Worley took the stage for the second week in a row to announce the Dog of the Day. With Dog Days having ended, this week’s crowd held a myriad of canines, including as many as five Great Danes. One of these was the lucky winner, and this one came up to Paul’s shoulders.

Stating that this was the first time a dog had ever opened for him, Christopher Williams took the stage next. A one-man multi-instrumentalist, Williams transformed the large sprawling crowd into an atmosphere of a small nightclub. He started by singing to his own drumbeat, then switched to guitar and alternated to a harmonica. With bluesy country songs such as Honest Man, his music truly resonated with the audience.

The final acoustic stage act has had songs featured on the shows “90210,” The United States of Tara,” and “Private Practice.” Jon Black’s style has been described as “Jackson Browne and Neil Young mixed with rich, thick atmospheres and musical landscapes.” His lyrical indie sound was incredibly entertaining, adding yet another twist on the assorted musical stylings of the day.

The headliner of the day was Nashville performing legend and esteemed veteran Pat McLaughlin. A songwriting dynamo, McLaughlin’s compositions have been recorded by artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Alan Jackson, Trisha Yearwood, Nanci Griffith and Josh Turner. McLaughlin began without a sound check, had a mic go out in the middle of a song, and still performed beautifully, getting the crowd on its feet. During his part of the show McLaughlin attracted the more people up close to the stage dancing with Rico (who was donning an new Musicians Corner t-shirt) than there have been all season.

Musicians Corner is a non-profit program of The Conservancy for the Parthenon & Centennial Park. The fall season of Musicians Corner runs on Saturdays through November 5 and promises more great artists and special guests. For additional information and the fall schedule please visit

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Amazing Instrumentation Impresses at Musicians Corner

Neulore at Musicians CornerPerfect weather ushered in week two of Musicians Corner in Centennial Park with seven more fantastic acts taking the stage. Enchanting vocals may have set the mood for a beautiful fall day, but the instrumental talent of this week’s performers proved to be the talking point of the show.

Belmont University alum Robert Kelly was the first act of the day. He kept the crowd entertained from the very beginning with his infectious sense of humor and ability to get everyone participating. Playing acoustically smooth songs including the title track of his current album We Are Poetry, Kelly was a great way to kick off the day.

The first acoustic stage act was singer/songwriter Natalie Royal. With her hauntingly beautiful tone and great utilization of various string accompaniments, she let her personality shine through to capture the hearts of the audience. She also announced free CDs, causing a swarming mad dash to the merchandise tent.

Jerami Matlock was up next on the main stage. Matlock has a groovy, soulful style encompassing variations of R&B, reggae and jazz. With a great stage presence, he had the crowd dancing, and with two Bob Marley covers he had them singing as well.

Following Matlock, Musicians Corner announced its double Dog of the Day, presented by Grammy award-winning producer Paul Worley (Lady Antebellum, Martina McBride). Worley was integral in bringing Musicians Corner to the Music City public, and expressed his sincere delight of the popularity of the event.

The second acoustic stage performance was Yumza!, singing fun songs geared more towards the younger Musicians Corner crowd. After Dog of the Day, Yumza! tweaked their set list to include their canine-inspired number Take Care of Your Dog, Dog. The music was comedy driven, and a departure of the status quo, yet listening to it, the crowd could not help but feel happy.

The next main stage act may have generated the most buzz of the day. Neulore has an alternative, folk sound, and front man Adam Agin showed off his effortless, gentle vocals. Singing cuts from their concept album Apples & Eve, as well as favorites such as Don’t Leave Quite Yet, Neulore bestowed, as one fan described it, “a spiritual experience” upon Musicians Corner.

The final acoustic stage performance was courtesy of The Gloaming, a string quartet playing popular cover songs. With three violins and a cello, The Gloaming utilized every aspect of their instruments, stringing, picking, scratching and even drumming, leaving everyone thoroughly impressed and entertained.

To finish the day, Nashville natives Colorfeels provided an instrumentally and vocally riveting performance. Each member of the band was a multi-instrumentalist, and one even included a clarinet – at one point playing it and his guitar simultaneously. Their slower numbers were pleasant and whimsically musical while their more upbeat songs had the crowd on its feet. As one band member exclaimed to the crowd: “Yes to dancing. No to sitting!” This inventive plethora of sound was an enjoyable way to wrap up to a great day of music.

Musicians Corner is a non-profit program of The Conservancy for the Parthenon & Centennial Park. The fall season of Musicians Corner runs on Saturdays through November 5 and promises more great artists and special guests. For additional information and the fall schedule please visit

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Musicians Corner Kicks Off Fall Season in Style

Musicians Corner

The triple-digit-degree weather didn’t discourage hundreds of Nashville music lovers from coming out to the Musicians Corner fall season kickoff. The weekly concert series came back in full force with great performances, food and fun. Rico had his usual dancing shoes on, and Mayor Karl Dean even stopped by for a visit as seven acts graced the stage with amazing music.

Rico dancing to Attwater at Musicians CornerLocal rockers The CO started things off. They generated tons of buzz, with numerous interested patrons asking about their CDs at the merchandise tent. With upbeat tunes such as Keep It Together and more personal numbers such as How to Say Goodbye, The CO was a great way to start the season.

The first side stage performance was from two members of the Metro Parks jamBand, performing covers of new songs such as Bruno Mars’ I Wanna Marry You as well as classics like Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Pride and Joy.

Multi-talented artist, producer, player and writer Andrew Osenga was up next serenading the crowd with his soothing, mellifluous sound. Performing songs like Kara, Osenga transformed the mood of the audience from a hot summer day to a cool concert in autumn.

The next side stage act was Foxes Have Foxholes featuring Kyle Sapp, a production intern from the spring season. Given the opportunity to perform on the other side of the stage, Foxes Have Foxholes gave a great acoustic performance.

Next, Mayor Karl Dean graced the stage praising Musicians Corner and the fans for making the event successful. The Mayor has been an intricate part of putting on Musicians Corner and growing it to what it has become.

The third featured act of the day was Damien Horne. His music combines elements of just about every genre, and his musical collaborations are just as diverse. He has shared the stage with acts from The Neville Brothers to 3 Doors Down to Hank Jr. A talented guitar player and even more talented singer and performer, Horne had the audience – and especially Rico – on their feet.

The final side stage performance was from the Belmont duo Striking Matches. This acoustic performance had everyone transfixed on the incredible guitar playing and songwriting ability of these two rising stars. Each is a talented singer and guitar picker individually, yet together they are nothing less than mesmerizing.

The headlining act of the day was new country duo Attwater. Currently gaining fast notoriety in Nashville, the California-based band kept everyone grooving into the evening. They covered a song by Patti Griffin – Erika Attwater’s favorite artist – and their current single Never Gonna Happen was the perfect way to end the day.


Musicians Corner is a non-profit program of The Conservancy for the Parthenon & Centennial Park. The fall season of Musicians Corner runs on Saturdays from September 3 to November 5 and promises more great artists and special guests. For additional information and the fall schedule please visit

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