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Fantastic Lineup and Surprise Flash Mob Excite at Musicians Corner

Carter's Chord

A near-perfect day played host to hundreds in Centennial Park on Saturday. With the TACA Craft Fair right next door, a flood of people swarmed to see this week’s stellar performances.

Buffalo Clover started things off. These guys had a unique yet memorable sound, mixing influences from Americana, pop, folk and bluegrass. Lead singer Margo Price has a wonderful tone, backed by a talented band providing intermittent harmonies. They have just released a vinyl album entitled Low Down Time, which they sampled several songs from.

The first acoustic stage act of the day was the beautiful songstress Carly Pearce. Carly’s voice is sweet but powerful with her country background shining through. In just three solo acoustic songs, Carly had the crowd in wonderment.

The second main stage act was California duo Pawnshop Kings. The two brothers mix melodic tones to produce sounds that mix pop, rock and soul. They entertained the crowd with stories and music that truly spoke to everyone.

After Pawnshop Kings left the stage, there was a brief pause before current pop smash Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO started blaring over the speakers. A couple spontaneous dance moves from crowd members had several people curious. Dancers kept coming from every direction, eventually forming a very large dance party front-and-center in the lawn. Then, as the music picked up, they all broke into a choreographed dance… that’s right: a flash mob at Musicians Corner.

The flash mob was to promote Nashville Sideshow’s Fringe Festival, a progressive performing arts event, taking place from September 29 to October 2. Another exciting first for Musicians Corner.

Wondering how to adequately follow a flash mob, Jared Crump took the acoustic stage. Jared describes himself as if “Jason Mraz, Kenny Chesney, John Mayer, and a steel guitar had a baby.” Although that’s difficult to imagine, Jared’s smooth vocals, guitar riffs and country roots certainly combine to make something wonderful.

The Coolin’ System took the main stage next. Primarily instrumental, the band features a horn section and two percussionists, as well as several other instruments to provide a contemporary big band swing sound. After bringing up a soulful James Brown-like vocalist at the end, The Coolin’ System was a definite crowd-pleaser. Much of the audience was on its feet, and Rico even had a couple dance partners.

Elliot Collett was the final acoustic act of the day. Taking the stage with two other members of his band The Articles, Collett combined alternative country stylings with Americana sounds and a pop sensibility. The music was a great way to set the mood for fall, and get the crowd ready for the headliners.

After this was the always-popular Dog of the Day. This week’s winner was the beautiful pure bread standard poodle named Hershey. Not only did Hershey get to open up for Carter’s Chord, he also managed a stage dive, jumping off the Musicians Corner five-foot stage onto the lawn! (He was just fine.

The headliners of the day generated an outstanding response. Carter’s Chord is a sister trio, quickly gaining notoriety in the Nashville country scene. Signed to Toby Keith’s Show Dog Universal Records, these three gave a standout acoustic performance with beautiful harmonies and incredible instrumentation. They also happen to be World Vision artists, collaborating with one of Musicians Corner’s biggest sponsors. After their set, the girls stuck around to speak with the fans that stayed through the rain and even signed autographs. Musicians Corner was truly pleased to have these three grace their stage.

Musicians Corner is a non-profit program of The Conservancy for the Parthenon & Centennial Park. The fall season of Musicians Corner runs on Saturdays through November 5 and promises more great artists and special guests. For additional information and the fall schedule please visit www.musicianscornernashville.com.


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